A QUALIFIED, REGISTERED FIRE SAFETY CONSULTANCY providing a service to help you comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

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michael.pierce@forensec.org.uk or admin@forensec.org.uk


Forensec (UK) Ltd was formed in 2001 by ex-local authority senior Fire Officers to provide an independent fire safety consultancy. With Michael Pierce as Managing Director, Forensec (UK) Ltd has expanded and now supplies this service to business in U.K. and Europe. Before leaving the fire service Michael's role was as a supervisory District Officer, with West Yorkshire Fire Service in charge of the team responsible for all Fire Safety matters for the City of Leeds. Michael has a wealth of experience in the Fire Safety industry.

Forensec (UK) Ltd may well be able to save you money if you contact them with your plans for expansion or alteration to your property. With his extensive experience in the public and private sector he is able to offer you the service that you need to comply with fire safety legislation. We provide risk assessors who are Ex-Fire Officers with a minimum of Grad. I.Fire E. and are registered assessors with Warrington FRACS scheme, The Institute of Fire Safety Managers or The institute of Fire Engineers.

How can we help you?

Risk Assessments
(non invasive – fully invasive, PAS 79 to Bespoke)
Live fire training
Fire Audits
Fire Surveys
Plan comments
Building layout
Compliance documentation
Fire awareness training
Fire engineering
Building Control consultation
Building Control negotiation

We will help you comply with modern day safety legislation. Are you familiar with:

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 or The Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006, their requirement of a Responsible Person (Duty Holder in Scotland) and the need to carry out a risk assessment.

Are you aware that as the Responsible Person that you have not only to provide fire fighting equipment but also nominate and train people to use it properly and safely?

With our help we can train your staff to safely use fire extinguishers on controlled live fires.

Did you know that as an employer you are responsible for the carrying out of Risk Assessments for your workplace? Your building or premises has to be suitable and safe for your employees and any other person who may have to enter it.

Are you or your staff competent to carry out your own risk assessments and safety training, or will you simply comply with the schedule of work that the Fire Service may serve upon you?

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